Nieves Álvarez trains dancing and these are its benefits

    If you have fun while doing sports you will catch the habit, you will want to go even if you lack motivation and you will see results when you least expect it. One of the advantages of enjoying the exercise we do is that we go with the mentality of giving everything. So this is what should happen to Nieves Álvarez every time she goes to Tracy Anderson’s center.

    It is not the first time we see the model doing routines with this method that, in addition to doing functional training, has a dance part that is the one that the model likes the most. And not because we say so, we have seen it dancing to get fit on many occasions, but Does dancing really help us take care of ourselves so much?

    Nieves Alvarez’s dance training

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    The model danced with her trainer to the rhythm of the new song by Briney Spears with Elton John, a perfect choreography to do a cardio workout. What benefits does dance have within training?

    • As we have said, dancing is a fun cardio workout that puts the whole body to work.
    • It helps us improve memory and generates endorphins that give us more energy.
    • Helps improve coordination and maintain our strong core.
    • It is also a complete full body workout.
    • It is an ideal training to free ourselves from the stress and anxiety generated by the routine.

      A good way to include cardio in your routines is through dancewhich you can also combine with strength training to achieve a complete routine to stay in shape.

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