Nigerian president asks UN to solve conflicts

In his speech at the high-level session of the UN General Assembly, Buhari said that among the global challenges are the problems increasingly driven by non-state actors, the proliferation of small and light weapons and various forms of terrorism and violent extremism.

After referring to other obstacles to development, such as the malicious use of technology, irregular migration and the disparity of opportunities, the president pointed out that the United Nations demonstrates with its actions that it can be strong when the will of its member countries is mobilized.

In this sense, he insisted that, however, the guiding principles of that institution, promoter of peace and security, are weighed down by events such as the military conflict in Ukraine, which, in his opinion, created tensions that are perhaps unprecedented in a generation

Such a situation will have adverse consequences, hampering our ability to work together to resolve conflicts elsewhere, especially in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, he added.

In another part of his speech, the president called for reforming the Security Council and other United Nations agencies that need to transform their structures to meet current demands and gain representativeness.

Buhari, who ends his second presidential term next year, considered that the modification of the world body is necessary since the UN system, founded in 1945, was designed for a world very different from today.

Regarding climate change, he stated that this phenomenon, among other consequences, aggravates food problems, reduces opportunities and affects the increase in poverty in various parts of the world, including the African continent.

The Head of State also pointed out that this UN General Assembly and the upcoming Cop27 Summit on Climate, which will take place in November in Egypt, are expected to strengthen the political will to promote initiatives related to climate change.



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