Nightingale is delayed until next year to improve it thanks to the potential of Unreal Engine 5

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As the final stretch of the year approaches, more and more video games are are delayed until 2023. Another that has been added to the list has been Nightingalethe new work of Inflexion Games, a study made up of BioWare veterans, whose launch was expected sometime this second semester in the form of early access.

Therefore, with this change it is now expected to arrive during the first half of next year. The main reason is because the team has looked at the potential for Unreal Engine 5so after seeing what it’s capable of, he’s decided to implement it into the game now instead of updating it later.

The second reason is that Inflexion Games, which we remember that was bought by Tencent at the beginning of the year, he wants to strive to ensure that the universe of the kingdoms that we will visit offer us the best possible experience. That is why additional time is necessary to reinforce the content and polish more details.

Delays are not always a tasteful dish, but at least it seems that the wait will be worth it. In addition, the company has committed to provide more information over the next few weeks of this survival and crafting game through which we will travel through some portals that will take us to different procedurally generated worlds.

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