Nikolas Cruz’s sister would be left without lawyers after not being able to pay them – NBC 7 South Florida

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As Nikolas Cruz, the confessed shooter of the Parkland High School shooting, enters his third week of sentencing trial for the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school massacre, his biological sister is in a Miami-Dade jail on a count of carjacking.

This Friday the woman appeared in court and it was learned that she is likely to obtain a public defender because she cannot pay the private lawyers who decided to withdraw from the case.

The upcoming trial of Danielle Woodard, 35, may now be complicated as her lawyers have asked a judge to allow them to withdraw from the case, claiming that she can no longer afford the costs of their services.

Previously, he would have also pointed out that they did not agree with the woman’s wishes to testify in defense of her brother.

“We don’t think it’s helpful in his case,” Miami defense attorney Fred Moldovan said.

Although Parkland’s case was not directly mentioned, it was learned that the attorney had told the media that she was not heeding his advice not to testify.

Turns out they made that argument in a previous motion to withdraw and another judge denied that motion in part because he found the counseling dispute was not enough to warrant a withdrawal from the case.

Although Danielle Woodard didn’t grow up with Nikolas Cruz, she could tell the jury about her mother’s substance abuse, something the Parkland shooter’s defense team has said she could use to argue that, while in the womb, he was harmed. cerebral by drugs and alcohol that the mother took.

The timing and details of the potential testimony in Broward County circuit court are also unclear.


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