Nintendo designs a controller for Animal Crossing fans

The switch It has positioned itself as a bestseller since it hit the market. This versatility being able to choose whether to play on television or on the console itself is its strong point, in addition to a huge catalog of games. If you are one of those who plays mainly on television, this nintendo controller It will be your best investment.

Until this console came into our lives, there was no real possibility of combining portable gaming and gaming on the big screen. That power exchange the game mode whenever you want is one of its great advantages, and not only when you play individually. When playing with friends, either online or physically, it is also a great plus.

Although this has also made it almost essential to have a good command to be able to play better. The model that we bring today is one of the most interesting that you will find in this regard. And besides, it has a 36% discount.

Play Animal Crossing with Tom Nook in your hands

The first thing you should know about this command is that it is from the firm Power A, one of the most famous in this sector. This, in itself, already lets us see that we are talking about a good quality device. Yes, it is true that it requires USB connection to work, something that can be a problem for many users. However, for us it is a great advantage.

Why is it an advantage that it is not wireless? First, because you won’t have to constantly think about the battery. If you are one of those who takes advantage of your free time to play the console, you will not want to find yourself with a controller what has to be loaded. This model will support all the days of fun you want, without pauses and without latencies.

In addition, the cable measures three meters. You can easily walk away from the television, play from the bed or from the sofa, and the cable will support it. It’s a strong enough cable that you never have to worry about it, and that’s a good thing too!

A very low priced Nintendo controller

The fact that it has the official nintendo license distinguishes it from the rest of its competitors. That and of course your aesthetic design. It perfectly combines the colors of the game ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ and adds the figure of Tom Nook at the bottom. It will encourage you to pay off your mortgage as quickly as possible!

The controls hold a very ergonomic It will help you play faster. That will make you win all your Mario Kart games, and you will enjoy all your games like never before. In addition, the surface is soft and comfortable to the touch, ideal if you want to spend hours glued to the screen.

Their price It has dropped a lot thanks to an offer that is currently active on Amazon. By €17.99 you will be able to get hold of it, instead of the around €30 that it usually costs.

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