No support proposed abortion restriction in Nebraska, USA

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A statement from the office of the territory’s governor, Pete Ricketts, revealed that the project only obtained the consent of 30 state senators, instead of the 33 required by the regulations, which is insufficient to convene the state legislature composed of only one single chamber made up of 32 Republicans and 17 Democrats.

The push for legislation that introduces restrictions on the voluntary termination of pregnancy in Nebraska, where the practice is legal until the 20th week of pregnancy, comes just as other states prohibit or limit a right practiced for 50 years in the country.

On the subject, Democratic state Sen. Megan Hunt wrote on Twitter last week that the proposed 12-week ban was part of an effort by Republican leaders to appear “moderate” compared to the outright implemented bans in place. in 10 other states.

“Abortion is a right. Abortion is medical care. And the decision on whether to become a father and when does not belong to the government, ”she emphasized.

Ricketts, a Republican, argued for his part that he would continue to work towards carrying out the changes in the law.

“I ask all Nebraskans who are pro-life to look at the list of state senators who signed the letter. If your state senator is on that list, thank them for electing him, if your state senator is not on the list, call or email them as well to encourage them to reconsider his decision,” he urged.

Legal litigation around voluntary interruptions of pregnancy gained momentum in the United States after June 24, when the Supreme Court, with a conservative majority, decided to annul the 1973 ruling in the case known as Roe vs. Wade, and withdrew protection for the abortion as a personal prerogative.



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