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Microsoft has managed to improve location detection in the OS weather widget.

One of the windows widget The most used by users is the weather widget, a widget that can be anchored in the taskbar and where by clicking we can know the weather of our location and the forecast for the next few days.

But now Microsoft wants to be much more accurate with your location by improving this weather widget that shows weather forecasts in the taskbar, and until now problems with the exact detection of the user’s location had been reported, which led to forecasts not entirely correct.

And one of the recent updates to Windows widgets allows users to have better location accuracy so they can be given accurate weather forecasts based on the user’s location.

However, if you feel your privacy is compromised and you don’t want the operating system to have your precise location for operating system widgets, you can directly disable location detection and enter your city manually to show you its weather forecast.

To do this, click on the weather widget that is usually anchored in the taskbar at the bottom, then locate the widget in particular and click on the three horizontal dots.

Now we have to go to the first option “edit location and unit”, deactivate “always detect my location” and enter the city in the search box and hit save.

With this, our exact location will not be used to offer the weather forecast, but the general one according to the type of city that we have included. In any case, if you want to completely disable location services, simply go to settings, then “privacy and security”, then “location” and finally “turn off location services”.

Although it is interesting that we have them activated to get the most out of the operating system, if you want to better safeguard your privacy you can deactivate it.

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