Now you can have a SIM in your cell phone without the need for it to be physical

Technology has recently turned around and mobile operators have released technology that allows users to ease their processes. For example, from Claro, people can already activate eSim technology, which is a technology that is integrated into several devices and that allows the activation of a line without the need to have a physical SIM.

People can activate this Claro sim with the following steps, first by verifying that the devices support eSIm technology, then they can go to any Claro point and request SIM activation by scanning a Qr code.

Currently there are 40 brands from Apple, Samsung and Huawei that support this technology. In 2018 the company had already launched this technology for smart watches with Claro Sync and so far it is the only operator to offer it. With this technology people can use their phone number on their smart watch.

If you have such a watch, you can leave your cell phone at home and answer calls and messages from applications directly from the watch, regardless of whether you are out of range of the cell phone’s Bluetooth connectivity.


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