Nvidia announces Portal with RTX for November and presents a tool to remaster games

During the GeForce Beyond, Nvidia has announced a version of Portal with RTX, which will arrive in November as a free DLC for those who already have the original game; right here you have your page on Steam.

Beyond how good it looks -now we will go with the specific features-, what is interesting here is the RTX Remix tool with which Lightspeed Studios has created this modification of the game. It is a technology that allows “adding ray tracing with just a few clicks and gives users modders the tools to make ambitious remasters, even for previously unmodifiable games,” mods that will work especially well for classic games.

“Just press a hotkey to import a game, use AI to enhance materials, create custom assets with Omniverse, and export an RTX Mod complete with ray tracing, NVIDIA DLSS 3, and NVIDIA Reflex. RTX Remix takes modding to a whole new level,” we read in the statement.

In this update that “builds on our work on Quake II and Minecraft,” we know that game performance will be sped up with NVIDIA DLSS 3, which will further minimize latency and give frames per second a nice boost. “Every frame of the game has been enhanced with stunning full ray tracing, new high-resolution physics-based handcrafted textures, and new high-poly enhanced models that evoke the originals.”

One of the graces of this patch, by the way, is to take advantage of the new line of graphics cards that served as the main course of the Nvidia event, a 40 series that can even quadruple the results of the previous generation. The Nvidia RTX 4090, due out on October 12 with a base retail price of €1,959, will headline this new generation of cards. They claim that the GeForce RTX 4080, due out in November, will be twice as fast as the 3080 Ti, with a 16GB GDDR6X that will retail for €1,469 and a 12GB GDDR6X that will cost 1,099 cucas.

Along with the graphics, they have also announced the aforementioned DLSS 3 technology, which “multiplies frame rates using the new Optical Flow Accelerator”, with example of a Flight Simulator that will duplicate the frame rate making use of it. The new cards will take advantage of this technology thanks to da Lovelace, the new generation of RTX technology.

Here you can take a look at all the details of this new line of graphics Y here is the list of the 35 games that will take advantage of the new output featuresincluding Cyberpunk 2077, STALKER 2, A Plague Tale: Requiem or Flight Simulator itself.

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