Organizations Concerned Over Installation of License Plate Reader Cameras in San José – NBC Bay Area

Organizations have expressed concern about the installation of license plate reader cameras in some streets of San José, since they assure that they violate the privacy of residents.

“Especially because technology like this we don’t know where it’s going to end up. Supposedly only one company stops it, but then it is processed by another third company and from there we no longer know where they end up,” explained Cecilia Chávez, spokeswoman for the organization Silicon Valley Debug.

However, the police explained that the cameras will only be used to support investigations, when the Amber and Silver alerts are activated, to find stolen vehicles, for negligent drivers and to enforce parking limits.

Authorities also explained that those who use the video recorded by the cameras will have to comply with a detailed bureaucratic protocol and explain the reason for its use.

“We must not believe them definitively and 100% because this has already been seen in the past when the police and sheriff’s offices had said that they would not give information about the detainees to ICE and it was the opposite,” said Eliana Eliana Corona, spokeswoman of the SIREN organization.

In a statement, Carolina Camarena, manager of the city of San José clarified the following:

“The license plate readers will not be used to investigate immigration status or monitor residents, rather they will be used to keep communities safe.”

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