Osmani García and Nayer premiere a video clip of their collaboration “Cada vez que despiertes”

Osmani Garcia is premiering this Friday and, to the surprise of its fans, this time it is the video clip of a collaboration I did in 2019 with the Cuban-American singer Nayer.

The Chiquitico from Cuba and the current partner of Cuban baseball player Víctor Víctor Mesa They opted to put an image on this romantic ballad with a bachata rhythm in which there is no lack of sensuality.

“Nayer. Video on YouTube now. ‘Every time you wake up’. Bachata ”, announced Osmani García from her profile on her Instagram.

The publication, also shared by Nayer on the social network, includes a preview of the video clip.

In his Instagram stories Nayer presented the theme and assured his followers that it is a musical success.

Capture Instagram / Nayer

The audiovisual, directed by the director Oscar Vázquez, tells the story of a couple that has separated, but between them there remains a large dose of longing and countless memories of all the moments they shared.

Most of the video was filmed in a house by the sea to give the idea that it is right in the privacy of the home where the protagonists experienced the greatest happiness.

Capture of Instagram / Osmani García

“You are going to miss me / When you smoke when you see coffee / When your belly hurts and I am not there / Every month with flowers on you / You are going to miss me, I know it”, Osmani sings in his part of the chorus.

Meanwhile, Nayer’s voice is heard: “You’re going to miss me / In the tequila, in the lemon, the salt / In the water when you get thirsty / In every glass of wine you drink / When you bathe, go to bed.”

Another aspect of the video clip that catches the eye a lot is the sensuality with which Nayer revels in a bed half covered by a sheet.

From the singer’s comments on YouTube, everything seems to indicate that Laura, Osmani’s wifealso put his hand so that the video clip became a reality: “Loving this bachata and the video that Laura La Reina Mía prepared with so much love for you.”

“The song is beautiful and the most beautiful video impossible”; “What great satisfaction and pride fills us to be able to listen to musical themes of such high musical, vocal and aesthetic quality”; “This is something else, this is music”; “What a good video, Osmani, I especially loved the lyrics and the catchy rhythm,” wrote some of the artists’ followers on that platform.

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