Oversize wig and glasses: Sebastián Yatra’s (failed) costume so that his fans don’t recognize him

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Sebastian Yatra is in Madrid to promote its new hamburger and, incidentally, perform with Aitana at WiZink. The Colombian has chosen a peculiar disguise so that his fans would not recognize him on the street. Spoiler: it goes wrong.

Sebastian Yatra continues his career to success and so far few obstacles have appeared. He is not only succeeding with his tour Dharma Toursbut the Colombian has been chosen by a restaurant chain to have its own menu with its name.

With almost a million followers on Instagram, it is obvious that the singer will be easily recognized wherever he goes. That’s why for your visit to Madridhas prepared with many details a disguise to go unnoticed and being able to walk around the capital without fear of being constantly recognized.

Sebastián Yatra’s trick to go unnoticed

He has shared a video in which he appears with a long brown wig, a cap and oversize sunglasses: “I’m going to go out like this in Madrid to see if anyone recognizes me, but I doubt it.”

The artist has started his walk when a girl who was near the WiZink saw him and asked him for a photo: “A Yatra photo that I recognized you…” to which he has responded in a humorous tone: “Who? Of whom you speak?”.

In the end, the interpreter of Red Heels has realized his mistake: “I already know what has happened. I’ve worn sunglasses and that’s what many celebrities do to go unnoticed. If I take them off, no one will recognize me.”

Spoiler: it has gone wrong again and he has recognized him again.

However, nothing seems to have mattered to him, since Yatra is pure joy and loves to please his fans.

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