Overwatch 2 hides a trick to reduce the server queue, although it implies a certain sacrifice in the connection

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Overwatch 2 It has been released with a series of problems that have made us rethink how many people really wanted to play. Many assumed that the hero shooter his days were numbered and that after Overwatch dominating the market since 2016, there would be no people interested. The reality has been completely different, with player queues trying to access and what exceeded 5 figures. That’s a real problem, but there seems to be a “solution“To the eternal wait.

That yes, we must emphasize that although from 3DJuegosPC we have tried it, it is not more than a patch until the servers are decongested. In fact, attacks on the game have left Overwatch 2 with serious stability issuesso once Blizzard manages to overcome the stumbling block, it will be a good time to reset this setting.

As the colleagues of meinMMO, change the server from Europe to Asia It may be the band-aid we are looking for to be able to play with relative peace of mind. This, of course, will increase our ping relative to our connection. That is, if we have a connection of less than 100 Mb/s, the ping will be higher than if we have much more.

How to change servers in Overwatch 2

To do so, it is as simple as following these steps:

  • without getting into the game battle.netabove the Play button appears a icon of a planet.
  • If we give it, a menu will be displayed where select region.
  • We switch to Asia and we run Overwatch 2 again.

With a 600 Mb/s connection, on European servers we were getting a wait of more than 2 minutes to find a game and just under 100 players in the queue. Made the change, the queues have been reduced to the absolute nothing, while finding a match has been reduced to just 15 seconds. Of course, the ping has increased from 20-30 ms to almost double.

Overwatch 2 Change Server

This is because the region of the old continent has been protagonist of the Major problems in connection and game stability. Even so, this has led players to cry out in heaven at a patch that may soon come to nothing. In 3DJuegosPC we understand how painful it is to wait, but there is and that is why we share this information although certain users advance that Asian servers will look”flooded” of American and European players, although it was a matter of time.

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