Ozuna inaugurates his hotel “Ozutochi”, full of songs

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MEXICO CITY (AP) — Puerto Rican urban music star Ozuna invites his fans to a hotel called “Ozutochi.”

“People live an experience in each song, it’s a different floor,” Ozuna said in a recent video call interview from San Juan, Puerto Rico, about his latest album released on Friday.

“Ozutochi” is for Ozuna a combination of different emotions and rhythms with guests like Feid, Danny Ocean, Pedro Capó, Tokischa, Tini, Chencho Corleone and J Balvin.

Being an 18-song album, Ozuna’s hotel is a tall building with a pool, bar, and luxury suites. “With everything,” said the artist currently nominated for a Latin Grammy in the category of best fusion / urban interpretation for “Santo” with Christina Aguilera.

“Mañana”, whose video was released on Thursday, is one of the songs that Ozuna performs alone.

It’s about a girl who wants to perrear (dance close together) until the sun rises. The video of him was filmed in Puerto Rico and shows Ozuna riding a bike in the middle of a jungle road that leads him to an empty warehouse where he meets a girl.

“Ozuna’s fans really like solo music, I don’t know what it is that almost all those songs with which people have identified are solo songs ‘Se prepared’, ‘Tell him you love me, ‘El farsante’ , ‘Only you’”, affirms Ozuna.

“This time we did not make the exception by trusting in a single theme… let them live the experience of ‘Ozutochi’ with the theme of ‘Mañana'”, he added.

“La copa” is another of the songs with which Ozuna released his album. The song, produced by Dimelo Flow, Isaac Ortiz, Edgar Barrera, Slow and Ozuna, has a video filmed in the streets of Madrid in which Ozuna dances and sings surrounded by fans in plazas and bars.

Ozuna confirmed that the story of “La copa” is real because, like many, the mezcal that he mentions in his lyrics has played bad tricks on him, but he pointed out that despite this he continues to drink it and that he loves it, just like the tequila and beer.

Fans found out that Ozuna was going to be filming in Madrid on the same day as the shoot. The Puerto Rican star said that he was moved because people came and enjoyed, “you see that the fans are connected” with his songs.

“El cel”, which Ozuna defines as a “classic perreo”, has Chencho Corleone, Arcángel, JBalvin and Randy as guests. While in “4:22” he sings with Danny Ocean. In this second song the lyrics say: “The last straw would be for you to dance with your friend in Monterrey and for us to get to Morelia”.

“Greetings to my people in Morelia and Monterrey, they are beautiful cities in Mexico,” Ozuna said about this verse.

One of the songs that draws attention is “La Suzi” with the rising Puerto Rican artist Nesi, better known as the female voice of Bad Bunny’s “Yo perreo sola”.

“Betting on the new generations,” Ozuna said about his interest in collaborating with Nesi. “I have always liked to contribute that grain of sand in those artists from the beginning… this time was no exception, Nesi, an artist for me extremely great and with the energy, with the music and everything to be a star”.

With the Dominican singer Tokischa, he interprets “Somos Iguales”, whose video, released a month ago, shows a kind of meeting of international officials interrupted by a perreo that seizes them. Riot police come to the scene, but in the end they end up kissing those they were going to protect.

“It means that we are equal, we no longer have time to discriminate or anything like that, we have time to love each other and to love each other,” Ozuna said about the song’s lyrics and video.

The video for “We are equal” was also filmed in Madrid, directed by the Venezuelan Nuno Gomes and has more than 57 million views on YouTube.

“I hadn’t seen the concept…until I saw it in the present tense and said ‘wow, what a tough guy’ that’s where I really connected,” Ozuna said.

As a musician, Ozuna spends much of the year in hotels in different countries, so he has seen many things, but he never ceases to surprise himself.

“You are in this elevator at 2 in the morning and this couple arrives with that fire,” he revealed. “And then their flat is 39 and yours is 40 and you’re in 1. You feel uncomfortable and it’s happened to me many times, but that’s part of humanity and what we (musicians) are. ”.

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