Panama Accelerates Destruction of Firearms

From 2019 to date, the Panamanian authorities destroyed 24,817 firearms, with various programs that today seek to consolidate social peace and citizen tranquility.

According to reports from the National Police, this indicator is the result of teamwork organized by the Ministry of Security (Minseg) and with the participation of the Economy and Finance portfolio through the Patrimonial Audit and Appraisal departments and the management of State Patrimonial Assets.

For the head of the Minseg, Juan Manuel Pino, the constant struggle continues to remove illegal weapons from the streets, demonstrating the clear willingness of the Government to provide the security that the Panamanian people deserve.

He also explained that many of these actions take place as part of the “Pacifying My Neighborhood” program, especially in the provinces of Panama, Colon and Veraguas, where in the last few hours 610 firearms have been voluntarily surrendered, exchangeable for vouchers. supermarkets in the order of 173 thousand dollars.

In this regard, police units reported in the last few hours a total of 389 firearms destroyed at their headquarters in the capital city of Ancón.

Faced with criticism from various sectors, the defenders of this project believe that it is a positive step towards getting firearms off the streets.


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