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First it was the restaurants. Then came the turn of food, with the incorporation of supermarket chains and other commercial formats. And now, it is the turn of the landing of the food manufacturers to the food delivery platforms at home.

The group Pascual and Just Eat They have reached an agreement for the former to sell its dairy products, juices, coffees and water directly through the application, in an alliance that the parties consider “pioneering”.

The service, which began to be provided a few days ago in some areas of Madrid, means that Just Eat distributes these Pascual products to users who purchase them, in what is the first commercial agreement signed with a food producer, not only in Spain, but in the 22 markets in which it currently operates.

The platform thus adds new services. This has been gradually incorporating reference brands in the restoration, the latest Starbucks, after betting from the beginning on independent businesses, as a way to compete with Glovo or Uber Eats in this segment. In March, it launched its shopping basket service, at a time of effervescence in the so-called quick commerce, with the appearance of specialized operators such as Gorillas.

According to the company of Dutch origin, the association with Pascual reinforces its position in the sale of food, “facilitating users to access day-to-day products quickly and easily”. We are convinced of the success of the collaboration, offering our users an interesting range of products from the manufacturer directly, and for this we have one of the most recognized and emblematic partners in the food and beverage sector in Spain”, values ​​the director General of Just Eat in the country, Patrick Bergareche.

The intention of both parties is to progressively extend the service to other parts of Spain before the end of this year, in addition to incorporating more products into the offer, which initially starts with the best-selling references of Leche Pascual, Bezoya, Bifrutas, Vivesoy vegetable drinks and Mocay coffee, which until now Pascual only served the hospitality sector.

The food company will gradually add products that it already distributes through the usual channels, such as energy drinks, oils, vinegars, sauces, preserves or snacks.

new channel

With this move, Pascual opens a new sales channel in a rapidly growing sector, within its digitalization strategy. “Becoming the first manufacturer to have its own space in Just Eat Spain is a acknowledgment of our commitment to quick commerce, that opens a new way of understanding home delivery”, says Javier Peña, general director of the company.

“At Pascual we continuously work to adapt to the needs and tastes of consumers, as well as their way of accessing products, goods and services. This alliance will allow us to continue adapting to a market in continuous evolution, expanding our sales horizons”, adds Peña.

Home delivery platforms have been promoting the sale of food for a long time, but not through direct commercial agreements with manufacturers, which eliminates any intermediary. Glovo launched this service in 2018. From its supermarket it sells references of the main brands, although the operation is like that of other distributors, such as Carrefour or Dia, which also work in this application: it supplies the products of the manufacturers and It stores them in its dark stores, and distributes them from there.

In the case of the Pascual and Just Eat agreement, the products leave directly from the manufacturer’s facilities and their delivery is undertaken by the platform’s distributors. A formula that opens the door to a greater landing of food producers in this digital environment.

The sector generates 400 million home orders per year in Spain

Evolution. Home food delivery has exploded in Spain in the last three years. The pandemic was a turning point for this activity, which now reaches a figure of 400 million orders per year in Spain, according to the consultancy firm specializing in restoration, The NPD Group. The data highlights that this formula has become a great business opportunity, not only for restaurants, but also for manufacturers such as Pascual: the activity’s annual turnover in the last year was 2,600 million euros, 80 % more than pre-pandemic levels; 72% of consumers already order food at home frequently, and 54% of those orders are made through the internet.

Share. The average cost in Spain reaches 6.4 euros for each of them. In the field of restoration, its market share already reaches 7%, a percentage that will continue to grow, according to sector forecasts


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