Patronato 3-2 San Lorenzo, for the Professional League Tournament: online match, result, goals and formations

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The Cyclone was defeated from his visit to Paraná. He had started out winning, but he got careless and paid dearly for it.

By date 13 of the 2022 Professional League Tournament, San Lorenzo lost 3-2 to Patronato in Paraná. those of Ruben Dario Insua once again they missed the chance to make three after starting ahead. She had already passed him by Workshops, Arsenal, Union and Banfield. This time, it was no exception.

Fast in the night got ahead. At eleven minutes Andres Vombergar pushed the ball after a magnificent individual play by Agustin Martegani.

The goal motivated the Cyclone, who kept looking and found many spaces. He had several more at the feet of adam bareiro Y Ezekiel Cerutti, but sinned of ineffective. And she paid dearly for it. Lucas Kruspzky tied it in added time, when they were about to go to the locker room.

To make matters worse, as soon as the second half started, two blows almost left him knocked out. It only took thirty seconds for the venue to turn the score around, thanks to Marcelo Estigarribia. The Cyclone felt it, and when he wanted to realize it he was already 3-1.

A light of hope was opened when Nicolás Castro starred in the blooper of the day and nodded against his own door. However, despite looking for it, the tie did not come. In this way, San Lorenzo falls to the middle of the table and Board of Trustees still dreaming of saving themselves.

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below in GOALthe actions of the party.


  • The meeting between Patronato and San Lorenzo, minute by minute.
  • Cyclone Goal! San Lorenzo returned to the match after an error by the Board of Trustees
  • Patronage goal! He made three goals in three minutes
  • From the locker room, he passes it on to win Patronato
  • The Pattern tied!
  • The Cyclone was able to stretch the advantage
  • San Lorenzo goal!
  • The 11 of Facundo Sava
  • This is how San Lorenzo comes out
  • The local dressing room is ready
  • Visiting wardrobe…
  • The local enters the Grella
  • The Cyclone is already in the stadium

Good evening and welcome to another GOAL broadcast. Patronato faces San Lorenzo on Date 13 of the 2022 Professional League Tournament at the Presbítero Bartolomé Grella Stadium.



The meeting between Pattern and the Cyclone will be broadcast in Argentina and throughout South America by ESPN Premiumsignal available only for those who have contracted the Soccer Pack in their cable television companies.




Facundo Altamirano; Raúl Lozano, Juan Guasone, Sergio Ojeda, Lucas Krupszky: Jonás Acevedo, Nicolás Castro, Franco Leys, Sebastián Medina; Axel Rodriguez and Alexander Sosa. DT: Facundo Sava.


Augustus Battle; Federico Gattoni, Cristian Zapata, Gastón Hernández; Jalil Elías, Juan Méndez, Agustín Martegani, Nicolás Fernández Mercau; Ezequiel Cerutti; Adam Bareiro, Andres Vombergar. DT: Rubén Darío Insúa.


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