Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward Documentary Coming to HBO Max

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    long ago Ethan Hawke stopped being ‘one of those guys who appeared in ‘Dead Poets Society’ and in ‘Reality Bites’ or ‘Uma Thurman’s partner’ to become one of the biggest names in Hollywood today.

    At 52, he is considered one of the great actors of the moment, recognized for his enormous versatility: films (nominated for 4 Oscars, he is currently in Spain shooting the western ‘Extraña forma de vida’ with Pedro Almodóvar and Pedro Pascal), series, music, books…

    and also has a career as director of shorts, films and documentaries, but none with as much expectation as the one that He presented last spring at the SXSW Festival in Austin (Texas, United States) and later at Cannes Classics, ‘The Last Hollywood Stars’.

    Is about a six-episode documentary about the life, career and love of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward (Could a better title have been chosen?) Of which we have finally known its release date in Spain: It will arrive on HBO Max on November 3. The documentary delves not only into their love story, but into their personalities and talent.

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    The origin of the documentary is a project abandoned in a drawer that Paul Newman himself had commissioned from his friend the screenwriter Stewart Stern (His is the libretto for ‘Rebel Without a Cause’). At the actor’s request, Stern interviewed big Hollywood names (Elia Kazan, Sidney Lumet, Karl Malden, Sidney Pollack, Gore Vidal, Jacqueline Witte, Joanne Woodward…) to help him write an autobiography. newman too was interviewed by Stern and they discussed, among other topics, his youth, his first marriage to Witte, his romance and life with Woodward, his personal demons, and the loss of his son Scott.

    Hawke collected all this footage and called the actors Karen Allen, George Clooney, Oscar Isaac, LaTanya Richardson Jackson, Zoe Kazan, Laura Linney, Sam Rockwell and others to interpret part of the original interviews transcribed for ‘The last stars of Hollywood’. Clooney and Linney agreed to dub the interviews to appear in the documentary as the voices of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.

    As HBO Max explains in a statement, Ethan Hawke “interviewed some of Newman’s daughters to gain insight into their parents and Hawke’s contemporary interviews with Sally Field and Martin Scorsese [productor de la serie] explore what made Woodward and Newman’s unique careers and relationship so inspiring. The result, which comes to us in six parts, is a thoughtful and revealing documentary of two lives fully lived.”

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    Ethan Hawke is excited and proud of the project: “It is an honor to be able to share the inspiring life and love story of Joanne and Paul with the public.. I’m especially excited that a project we’ve put so much heart and soul into now has its home on HBO Max, a platform known for celebrating and championing the documentary art form.”

    With two Oscars in his possession and many other nominations, the Newman-Woodward couple is cinematic history in itself. Among the films of their careers, titles such as ‘The legend of the indomitable’, ‘The three faces of Eva’, ‘Two men and a destiny’, ‘The hustler’, ‘Raquel, Raquel….

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    They were persecuted by the press and the paparazzi, but Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward knew how to refocus their fame on art, studies, social justice and human rights. and balanced demanding careers with a fulfilling marriage. Over the course of their lives together, they also raised hundreds of millions of dollars for causes they believed in and were active in civil rights and the environment, inspiring legions of other artists to follow in their footsteps.

    Paul Newman passed away on September 26, 2008 at his Connecticut ranch to which he had retired after completing chemotherapy treatment. Joanne Woodward left the cinema in 2013 and is confined in said ranch. At 92 years old, she no longer remembers who her husband was, but she does say that she was married to someone very handsome. A very happy story with a very sad ending.

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