Paulo Londra and Ed Sheeran strengthen their musical bond with “Noche de novela”

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In the photo they look like any two young people, enjoying their friendship, on a night out. But the truth is that Ed Sheeran and Paulo Londra are two of the stars of contemporary world music who have just recorded their second collaboration, this time for a song by the Cordovan, returning Londra’s courtesy when he participated in “Nothing On You”, included in the English disc, No. 6 Collaborations Project.

“I’m really happy to be collaborating with Paulo and his project, we stayed in touch the whole time he couldn’t release music and how frustrating it was, so I’m happy to be on a song with him now that he can. He’s a very sweet person,” Sheeran said of his collaboration on “Novel Night,” which Londra just released.

“Recording with Ed is a privilege. I admire him a lot! During the whole recording I was very emotional and grateful and whenever I can I try to tell him how much I admire him. I feel that God put Ed on the path for me to learn a lot from him. I always liked his melodies, his words and his phrases, he is very fine, he is an example for me to follow », returned Londra.

The video was, like the one for “Nothing On You”, recorded on the streets of London and directed by Greg Davenport, and will be available on all platforms starting today at 9:00 p.m.

The song is also a new example of the relationship between the two artists, which goes beyond music. Last year, Sheeran had said of Londra: “He is a guy with a very good heart. The first time I met him, I felt how his energy and aura gave a lot of love. We usually meet quite cold artists in his way of being, but he is very different”. And about the contractual problem that the Cordovan had at the time, he added: “I can only think how bad it is that they won’t let him release his music. How are you going to attack the talent of a boy like Paulo? It’s something amazing. In fact, I recently spoke in depth about this with J. Balvin and we discussed it. We agreed that it’s a crime that I can’t release his music. The one responsible for this situation has to change his stance quickly.”

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