Peruvian blueberries increase their presence in China

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The blueberries were produced in Peru by United Exports’ joint venture with the Migiva agribusiness and brought to Shanghai’s Hui Zhan market by Riverking International.

OZblu blueberries are known for their size, flavor, texture and shelf life, and United Exports has the exclusive rights to market and sub-license the OZblu genetic series. The company stated that OZblu Magica is one of its key varieties that has redefined the blueberry category. Its useful life has been independently proven by a record sea voyage, a result of Covid-19 induced delays. The variety spent 51 days at sea and arrived, with a green customer quality control, fresh and ready for sale.

When asked for comment, United Exports founder Roger Horak said: “This variety was selected for patenting by top breeder Dave Mazzardis in 2009. United Exports has been innovating at the production level for years and has invested heavily in R& D. OZblu Magica is a benchmark in the category, offering a consistent superior eating experience and extremely productive yield for the grower, and evidence suggests the variety is highly sought after by growers – we’ve had four thefts! IP on four continents in the last three years! We have succeeded in every case and we will continue to defend our IP relentlessly so that we can continue to deliver good quality blueberries that offer a consistent experience to our customers and consumers.”

Founded in 2002, United Exports is a global blueberry specialty agriculture company committed to exceeding expectations in product quality and customer experience. United Exports is vertically integrated: we grow, pack, ship, buy, trade and sell products and also license growers to produce OZblu blueberries. Our unfair competitive advantage is our exclusive right to sublicense and market the OZblu brand,” they commented.

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