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Every year, Microsoft hosts the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) World Championship, a competition that tests the skills and technological prowess of thousands of students around the world in various tools such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint. This contest is held with the aim of inspiring, educating and encouraging students to learn basic technological tools at school and create in them digital skills that will serve them for the present and also for the future.

According to the World Economic Forum, “by 2030, 70% of jobs will be covered by technology”, therefore, it is important that from a young age they are encouraged to learn technology since it will help them to develop in an environment that is increasingly digital. .

Natalia Jaramillo, Director of Education at Microsoft Andean South, and Hector Figari, Director of Government Affairs, together with Peruvian student Nicolás Stigler Yañez.

Nicolás Stigler Yañez is a fifth-year Peruvian student who won the bronze medal in this world competition in the Excel category. He faced thousands of students from various countries. However, he managed to stand out and get this well-deserved recognition.

For this reason, we talked to Nicolás so that he could tell us a little about the importance of having won this award.

Tell us, how did your interest in numbers and technology start?

My interest in technology began when I was very young, I remember that I liked to play by assembling and disassembling the electronic devices that I had in my house. He also really enjoyed playing with Lego. When I was growing up, my friends invited me to play video games on the computer and little by little my curiosity about how everything worked began to arouse. Therefore, I began to investigate every mechanic, system and everything related to technology.

My passion for numbers comes from when I was very little, I have always liked calculations, statistics and everything related to it. I remember that a few years ago there was a competition in my school and, with a lot of effort, I got the best grade, this was a great achievement that led me to compete with other promotions, it improved my self-confidence and increased my passion for numbers.

My computer science teacher told me about the contest. I remember that I was working with him on a new project that consisted of moving my school to a virtual platform so that students and parents can get to know the facilities without having to go in person and thus avoid contagion. As I was helping my teacher on various projects, he began to trust me and when this championship came up, my teacher told me and I did not hesitate to accept.

We know that the Office 365 package has various programs. However, your choice was in Excel. For what is this?

Among all the programs I prefer Excel because it is related to numbers and this is something that I really like. Also, Excel because it gives me more features and I see it closer to programming languages, which makes it easier to integrate with other languages.

What was the test for the championship?

The test that we performed focused basically on using the various tools and functions that Excel offers in an appropriate way. To do this, they provided us with various data, statistics and the case of a specific organization. During the entire test, which was divided into two parts, we had to demonstrate profitable and efficient use of Excel.

Seeing this achievement you have achieved, what is the next step for you in your education?

Now, I am aiming to study Computer Science and I would like to focus on cybersecurity, software programming and hardware maintenance.

What recommendation would you give to young people who like technology, but who are not yet encouraged to train to expand their knowledge?

I would advise them to first inform themselves as much as they can, since the world of technology is very broad and interesting. In addition, I would tell them to learn to trust themselves, there are many people who, by not doing so, lose valuable opportunities, many times it is a matter of taking risks and trying to discover the talent you have.

Just like Nicolás, there are many young people in the country who are interested in continuing to grow and improve their skills in the world of technology, therefore, it is important to provide them with the necessary opportunities and tools so that they continue to develop their full potential.

Competitions like Microsoft’s not only demonstrate the skills and enormous potential that young students have, but also open up a world of new opportunities for them to learn to trust themselves and all their knowledge.

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