Petro presents human security strategy in Colombia

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The President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, today announcing the names of those who will lead the country’s military and police force, highlighted the importance of a human security strategy.

“The conception of Human Security means that success here does not lie in the number of deaths, but success lies in substantially reducing deaths and massacres, and substantially increasing the freedoms and rights of people,” Petro explained to the press

He recalled that the Human Security Policy was promised since his electoral campaign and now his government wants to make it practical and evaluate, when appropriate, to know its effectiveness in terms of guaranteeing peace, reducing violence and crime.

In addition, it seeks to guarantee a substantial increase in respect for human rights and civil liberties, as it should be in any democracy.

«That evaluation will be done by you, the citizens will do it, we will do it at the indicated time. Now we begin, “said the president.

He added that they are interested in the Public Force being professional in every sense of the word, that it can value its base men and women, and at the same time be combined with a policy of dignity and improvement of the quality of life of the families of the soldiers, of the police officers, of the base.

He said that he hopes that there is no barrier, as there is almost insurmountable today, between the world of non-commissioned officers and officers.

His government proposes an Army, a more democratic Public Force in general, where merit is the criterion for promotion from the base to the generalship, and education is the key factor for professionalization, he said.

He pointed out the importance of developing the industrial and commercial capacities of the Public Force, which has been key in other countries for the development of economies.

Regarding the upcoming security councils, he stressed that they have to change, they have to be an expression of what is called Human Security.

“That is to say, they not only have to have military operational information, but they have to have social information and it has to be integrated not only by the Public Force, but also by institutions with social responsibility,” he emphasized.

In this regard, he stressed that many times crime and violence decrease if there is no longer hunger, if there is drinking water, if young people have the possibility of access, but also to education.

He stated that Colombia is facing a change of mentalities, of government, of strategies and the population will have the opportunity to value them.

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