pfs launches an innovative solution to prevent defaults

The pfs group has launched collectAR, a solution that is integrated into collection management and helps SMEs in any sector to avoid non-payments, through correct collection management. The latest success story has been applied to sports centers, a sector in which this situation mostly occurs due to poorly managed sick leave or momentary problems, such as the client running out of funds due to an unexpected charge to their bank account.

collectAR seeks to prevent this situation through the management of receipt returns and payment delays. This problem, which affects between “4% and 9% of customers”, according to data from some sports centers consulted by this company, could be solved thanks to the collectAR solution.

Currently, when a customer is not up to date with their monthly payments, they are no longer able to access the sports center because their entry code is blocked. With collectAR, when a receipt is returned to the sports center, the customer is informed through different channels: email, SMS, WhatsApp, offering the most convenient payment method. Once it is verified in real time that the payment has been made, access to the sports center is activated again.

As Javier Bartolom√©, collectAR product manager at pfs, explains, “this software seeks to improve cash flow and customer satisfaction through proper collection management.”

collectAR is easily integrated into management systems and allows you to operate with a single platform for all operations. The manager does not need to leave his environment or billing system, since this platform is integrated into the software chosen by each sports center or company.

On the one hand, it allows simultaneous control of all accounts, since it offers real-time reconciliation. On the other hand, through its management system, the sports centers know at all times the payments and movements made in their account. It is also a convenient solution for the customer, as it gives them great flexibility: they are allowed to use various payment methods, present and manage direct debits. In this way, all collections can be reconciled.

pfs is a multinational company with Spanish capital dedicated to the creation of digital platforms for efficient transformation. They are manufacturers of their own software solutions and apply them to key business processes, digitizing them, fully integrating them and guaranteeing tangible results. It has more than 500 employees, and an average growth in the last four years of 50% per year. It has offices in Spain, Portugal and Mexico, and is present with clients in 26 countries.


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