Phil Kessel and PK Subban, the pieces that can put the Oilers on the road to a championship.

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In mid-August we still have big names in the league that have not finished their contracts once they reached free agency on July 13, they are those of the forward Phil Kessel and defender PK Subban, and they are not few, rather the opposite, the rumors that place both players in the orbit of the Edmonton Oilers.

Phil Kessel is already far from the top of his game, but the Oilers are already full of stellar play with the presence on their roster of Connor McDavid Y Leon Draisaitl, with the arrival of the hitherto player of the Arizona Coyotes, the tankers would have another line that would give the opposing defense pauseapart from reinforcing an important area for any team that opts for the championship as the power play.

All this without forgetting the champion experience of a player who was the support of another spectacular duo, the one formed by sidney crosby Y Yevgeny Malkin in the last bi-championship of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

About Subban PKtrue that not even in his stellar time, the defense was still occupying the blue line, his strong point, if not his ability to threaten the opposing goal from there, something that has been accused over the years. He has experience in playoff, and if it is possible to negotiate an economically advantageous contract, it can be a more than interesting reinforcement.

Open salary space, the challenge of Ken Holland

With the salary limit, not only sports considerations are enough, economic ones count and they are decisive when designing a template. And although the operation is logical from the first point, from the second, today it is unrealizable since Edmonton exceeds the limit this season by just over six million which reaches 82.5 million dollars.

The NHL transfer market is not easy and taking into account that practically a third of the franchises are in the same situation of excess salary, and that those that have that margin are not willing to squander it, the negotiations become a great challenge for the office of Ken Holland.

The general manager does not want to be involved in a spiral in which he ends up transferring players not because the team wins whole, but because the circumstances force him to, a premise that usually translates into ridiculous returns regarding the value of the transferred player.

If Holland finds that gap for the arrival of both players, without a doubt, Edmonton’s betting odds for next season are going to win integers.


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