Piqué and Clara Chía’s new romantic getaway that confirms their love

A concert by the artist Dani Martín in Cerdanyanear the border with France, confirmed the love story of Gerard Pique and Clara Chia thanks to some kisses that were immortalized by many cameras present. However, there are a series of rumors that indicate how this romance that has given much to talk about began to take shape. ‘The Sun’ revealed that this new couple met within Kosmosa company led by the culé footballer, since the young woman holds a position within one of the company’s departments.

Instead, ‘Vanitatis’ pointed out that both they met long before Chía took up a position within her boyfriend’s company. “Clara was a waitress at one of the clubs where Piqué went to party with Riqui Puig and other teammates. It was an incredible crush, ”said a person close to his environment. After several months of relationship, the Catalan defender and his new love have taken advantage of the league break due to the national team matches to enjoy one of the cities of love such as Paris.

A couple that no longer hides

the french capital has become the great witness of this new love that has been forged in the midst of a sentimental break between Shakira and the soccer player, which was confirmed with a brief statement issued by the artist from Barranquilla. The couple was ‘hunted’ in a Parisian restaurant where both are having dinner and at the same time with repeated signs of affection such as kisses and hugs, according to the images broadcast by paparazzi and diners who were in that place. For now, Piqué has not shared on his social networks none of his movements with his new partner, although this romance is no longer hidden.

The last meeting of Shakira and Piqué

Once this distancing has been made official, The couple is currently in a constant debate about the custody of their children. (Milan and Sasha). Pilar Mañé and Ramón Tamborero as representatives of Shakira and Piqué respectively, have met on several occasions without being able to reach an agreement. In fact, Both met a few days ago at the Barça center-back’s law firm, but without reaching an agreement as we are used to. “We are working on it”, admitted Tamborero to the microphones of ‘Europa Press’.

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