Plane with image of Bad Bunny and Adidas flies to Cuba from Miami

A plane with the image of reggaeton singer Bad Bunny and the Adidas brand flew from Miami to Cuba, where it landed at the Camagüey airport.

The aircraft belongs to charter company Global X, which makes trips to the Camagüey airport since last June.

According to the Flightradars24 flight tracking page, this plane has flown three times to Cuba: twice to Camagüey (on September 15 and 18) and once to Santiago de Cuba (on September 16).

Photo: Capture of Flightradars24
Photo: Capture of Flightradars24

Several Cuban Internet users have commented on the arrival on the island of the device with the design that accompanies the Puerto Rican’s latest album “A summer without you.”

Photo: Facebook Capture / Alain Paparazzi Cubano
Photo: Facebook Capture / Alain Paparazzi Cubano

“The plane with the name of Bad Bunny and the Adidas logo does not belong to the Puerto Rican singer but to the charter company Global X. It is used mostly for trips between the US and Cuba, so they already know where these profits go. I don’t understand the euphoria,” said Yannis Estrada, founder and CEO of Cuba Spaces, on his Twitter account.

The aircraft, an Airbus A320 registration N281GX, has an operational life of 16.2 years.

Global X acquired it and fitted it out with a VIP configuration. He replaced the livery above by the name of the singer, in addition to the representative colors of the tennis brand that he promotes.

According to the web portal specialized in aviation transponder1200inside is also personalized.

“Throughout the fuselage, empennage and cowling of the engines, refers to the footwear model of the Adidas brand that the singer announces, as well as a heart, which is part of the cover of his most recent record material. With white and blue tones, and with the legend Bad Bunny on the side of the plane, “he details.

The change in the aircraft design was for a contest in which the winners traveled from Puerto Rico to New York to a Bad Bunny concert celebrated on August 27. The draw was part of the reggaeton alliance with Adidas.

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