“Pogba is lazy sometimes”

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Marcel Desailly was quite the quarterback in the 90s and 2000s. The Frenchman ruled in Marseille, Chelsea and Milan for two decades before seeking a golden retirement in Qatari football.

Now, as a true legend, he reviews his career in which he won a World Cup, a European Championship, two Champions Leagues, two Scudetti, a French League, two European Super Cups, an FA Cup, two Community Shields and two Confederations Cups in addition to a League from Qatar.

The Frenchman talks about the current state of the national team, his experiences in the ’98 World Cup, the stars of the past, like Zidane, and those of now like Pogba and Mbappé. These were all his statements for the Daily Mail.

His expulsion from the final of France 98: “They took me to the doping room because it was my turn. “You can’t lock me up!” said. I couldn’t be in a room without television, not knowing what was happening and thinking that the whole country was going to knock on the door because because of me we were going to lose the World Cup. I was scared, big time. I was angry and I made a scene. In the end, I broke through and watched the game. But that stress… We won and I went back to the doping room to do what I had to do.”

Favoritism in 98: “In 98 we were not the best. But then, we prove it to the world. From 99 to 2001 we were the best. There is stress, pressure and we didn’t handle it in the 2002 World Cup. Zidane and Henry were injured. We had bad adaptation. Many did not succeed and I was one of them “

2002 World Cup: “Then we had Senegal. They gave us real problems. I thought we’d handle the pressure, but all that adrenaline turned into a negative. We had the best striker in England, France and Italy, but we couldn’t get out of where we were. I summoned them as Captain. I told them “We are champions and we have two games to change the situation”. But we couldn’t. It seemed that the football gods had decided otherwise.”

If it will happen in 2022: “Nope. In 2002, 70% of the team was over 30 years old. This team still doesn’t know how big their victory was in 2018. They don’t have the weight of success. Look at Mbappé, he doesn’t realize it and looks for more. They will not go with the same pressure “

Mbappé, star or problem: “It’s not a problem, no. It didn’t work out at the European Championship because the tactic was new and Switzerland took advantage of it, but Mbappé is an amazing weapon for France. Now, you also have Benzema. I hope that France eliminates Brazilians, Argentines, Dutch, Belgians… I think France can win”

England: “They had great generations that didn’t make it, why? Probably for France!”

Pogba: “When you put him as a defensive midfielder you have to put someone by his side. He is very talented, but he doesn’t like to compromise on defense. Sometimes, he is lazy to put intensity and put the foot to the opponent to steal the ball. Like Kante would. But Pogba is more than that. We just don’t know where he’s going to play. We are looking for the position of him ”

Zidane: “I remember playing with Milan in Bordeaux and I noticed him. He made a difference like a magician. In the 98 World Cup he was very nervous. He’s introverted, he doesn’t talk much, but inside he was seething. In the World Cup he overflowed and was expelled. He had that temperament. Then we talked to him and said, “Now, you have to concentrate when you come back. We need you. You are our leader. We don’t need you to go left and right and defend. Petit, Vieira and Deschamps can run for you. You focus on your game.” When we beat Paraguay he was relieved. He could see the tension on his face before playing. When we won it was like “now it’s my time”. He had a chance from him in the final and he didn’t let it go. The rest is history”

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