Porsche Designs New Car Based on Cars Movie

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porsche has decided to join the trends of many companies to expand their audiences through projects that can take up other forms of culture. And it is that in this way, its products can be renewed and play with other possibilities to continue expanding its reach. So what better way to get closer to the fans of the cinema?

For example, let us remember when in Formula 1 Max Verstappen carried an advertisement for Bad Bunny’s new album in response to a mention that the Puerto Rican singer makes about the car driver in a song. Similarly, it has now been the turn of porsche to experiment with other forms of art and has decided that the cinema It is the way.

For the same, in porsche they just designed a car based on the movie carsone of the best pixar movieswhich promises to be attractive both for lovers of luxury carsas for the faithful followers of the cinema. With this strategy, they make sure to fulfill the fantasy of many people to be able to manage that auto that they have only seen in the screen in a fiction

Of course we are not talking about any auto what we have seen in screenin porsche gave life to a sports car cars called Sally Carrerathat in the movie of cars she was a lawyer from California who valued style and elegance and who was also fun-loving, without abandoning the realism that she needed in daily life to carry out her work, an identity that could undoubtedly be close to the luxury car loverswhat do they know combine practicality with elegance and a lot of style and energy.

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The auto It has a metallic blue exterior and interior color that seeks to create evident reflections and other more subtle details that seek to make the future owner of this vehicle smile. In turn, the Sally Special (as they named this model) is designed to be practical and sustainable, for daily use.

Next Saturday, August 20, Sotheby’s auction house will sell to the highest bidder this sports car that brings the children’s film to life and that will undoubtedly be ideal to attract the attention of fans of the cinema and of the luxury cars and collectible. In addition, the funds obtained from this auction will go to the charities Girls Inc, dedicated to supporting young women; and to the US chapter of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), with the purpose of supporting refugee families fleeing Ukraine.


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