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Do you remember the smart speakers with Facebook Portal screen? If you have a PC, now you will be able to take advantage of them.

I remember the presentation Facebook Portal devices back in 2018, as if it were yesterday, because it was a release that impacted me. Not the product itself, but what it meant.

The premiere coincided with the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the hacking of 50 million Facebook accounts. After the founders by WhatsApp Y from instagram leave the company because they did not agree with the company’s privacy policies.

After it was shown that he shared users’ private data with other companies, that he extracted private data without permission, even from users who are not from the social network, Facebook wanted to put a microphone and a camera in our house to place them in the living room, in the kitchen, in the bedroom…

review facebook portal+

Facebook Portal+ 14″, analysis and opinion

Either she believed herself above good and evil, or she was sure that those scandals were not going to affect his business… as it was. The number of Facebook users did not decrease. They pay unimportant multitas for a multimillion-dollar company, and something else.

The fact is that either because of these scandals, or because of the lack of interest in the product, Sales of Portal devices have been a flop.

Facebook considered closing its home hardware division, but sales have improved during the pandemic.

Now He has launched a new feature that turns Meta Portal Plus and Portal Go devices into a second wireless PC display.

This is achieved thanks to an app called DuetDisplay, which is already supported by Portal. This app allows extend the screen of a PC, and even drag windows from one screen to anotheralthough this function is paid.

It can be useful if you have a Portal device lying around. But taking into account that Portal Plus costs 369 euros and Portal GO 225 euros, it is more profitable buy a monitor for 79 eurosto do the same.

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