predictions of love, money and work from October 26 to 02

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Sagittarius (born between November 23 and December 21): It is important that you analyze each sign carefully, because not only should you read your sun sign, it is also advisable to read the lunar sign and the ascendant; and the possible aspects or dominant houses of your birth chart.

On Monday the 26th, it will be a day in which your ideals will be the main mission and the key to your dynamic day. You will have creativity in your projects and innate abilities that will help you.

Tuesday the 27th is a day to use your idealism and generosity and put them at the service of your sixth sense to help people in need. Luck will help you in family matters and in your dealings with like-minded friends.

On Wednesday the 28th, you are in a day in which your primary support will be generosity and idealism that, together with sympathy, generates a lot of confidence in what you do. Enjoy this day.

On Thursday the 29th, you are in a moment to feel the satisfaction of maintaining that union with the person you love the most. Your projects will change, since your goals will have to take a different path.

On Friday the 30th, you are in a brilliant moment for fortune to accompany you in your life, thanks to your ingenuity. Your goals will be original and you will have the affection of the people closest to you by your side.

On Saturday day 1, you are in a day to feel confident in your abilities and goals. To do this you will use your ingenuity and tenacity. You will be able to keep your generosity and idealism “at the top”, as always.

On Sunday the 2nd, you are at a time when your ingenuity and intelligence will help you organize your sources of profit. Your sympathy and security will help you to be a generous person and consequently receive many unexpected surprises.

So far the weekly horoscope for Sagittarius. Would you like to know how a family member is doing at work? Do you want to know if a friend should have a check-up, or if it is an auspicious week for ‘that’ person to find love? EL ESPAÑOL offers you the rest of this week’s expanded horoscopes so that you know what the stars have in store.

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