predictions of love, money and work from October 26 to 02

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Aries (born from March 21 to April 20):It is important that you analyze each sign carefully, because not only should you read your sun sign, it is also advisable to read the lunar sign and the ascendant; and the possible aspects or dominant houses of your birth chart.

Monday the 26th is a very important day to analyze matters related to finances and the economy in a creative and confident way. Your direct and original actions will be the key.

Tuesday the 27th is a day to follow your intuitions to tackle the various challenges of the day. Your vitality and great capacity for luck will help you achieve what you are planning.

Wednesday the 28th is a day in which emotions will be very intense and you should lower the level in meetings with other people. You will be demanding in your projects and you will put all your energy into them. The changes will be noticed at the perceptual level.

Thursday the 29th will be a day in which your tranquility and perception will help you so that your intelligence and ingenuity can deal with the internal struggles that you are going through. A cool head is the best option for important decisions.

Friday the 30th is a day in which your great dynamism will help you create and show your enthusiasm. Your confidence in projects will be demonstrated with great effusion. Your optimism will help you express your love for people who need you.

On Saturday day 1, it is a day to finish themes of the past for or carry more with them. Your sensitivity will help you get closer to people who need you. You will be able to overcome difficulties on an affective level with great generosity.

On Sunday the 2nd, it will be a day in which you will use your way of being pleasant and you will distribute love left and right; especially you should do it with family and colleagues. Fortune will accompany you in your plans.

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