premieres two docuseries at the same time about Johnny Depp’s legal war against Amber Heard after eliminating a multitude of original films and series

hbo max has been in the headlines in recent weeks for somewhat questionable reasons. Since the cancellation of ‘Batgirl’ for a tax issue until the disappearance of its catalog both series originals like movies own. The announcement of an imminent price increase didn’t sit well at all either now it has once again infuriated multitudes of people.

The reason is that HBO Max in Spain has today uploaded two docuseries about the legal confrontation Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Nobody doubts that this caught the attention of millions of people throughout the planet, but such a movement has caught many by surprise. And it has not been a positive surprise.

The titles in question are ‘Johnny vs. Amber‘ Y ‘Johnny vs Amber: trial in the US’, both consisting of two episodes. The first one took place in 2021 and deals mainly the case of Johnny Depp against The Sunwhere Heard’s allegations against the actor were ruled to be “substantially true“For its part, the second deals with the most recent case that was considered a legal victory for Depp despite the fact that both were actually convicted.

Seen this way, it can be said that they are two complementary works, but it is a decision that has not sat well with some peopleshowing his disappointment with messages like “I don’t know at what point you have become the shame you are now” either ‘Keep it up if you want to sink completely“.

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