Preseason 2023: New Pings, Jungle Changes, and More

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Riot Games Preseason LoL

The League of Legends It doesn’t stop changing for a minute, despite incessant balance patches, Riot Games is already thinking about 2023. Today, Riot Games opens a window to show us much of what it has in mind for the LoL 2023 preseason. The company in charge of MOBAs will look to bring new dynamics into the summoner’s rift and bring back some old ones. RiotGames wants to return the technochemical rift to LoL with new changes in next preseasonas well as a new jungle system, ping Y vision.

The person in charge of communicating all this was Matt Leung-Harrison «Riot Phroxzon«, who talks about the gameplay that the company wants for the next LoL preseason. These changes will be heavily focused on Summoner’s Rift, with the return of the technochemical crackchanges to the system junglervision and alerts to our colleagues.

LoL 2023 Preseason

Riot Games brings Technochemical Rift back to LoL

Riot Games Preseason LoL Technochemical Rift

RiotGames brings one of the most controversial things back to LoL. Technochemical Rift will return to Summoner’s Rift and it will do so with changes that will seek to allow your stay. At the beginning of this 2022 the hextech and technochemical dragons arrived at the League of Legends, the latter having a brief step thanks to its controversial increase. The technochemical dragon offered us a soul with a revive in zombie form and a crack covered with areas that gave invisibility. This was very difficult to balance for RiotGames and featured a lot of disruptiveness in summoner’s rift, so RiotGames he removed the dragoness and sent her on a long vacation, from which she seems to be coming back.

The Technochemical Dragon will give us new improvements and a new soul. In turn, the crack will undergo another change when the technochemical crack becomes present. the new dragon will give damage and damage reduction when we meet with little life and will provoke jungle plant changes. The vision plant will give movement speed towards enemies and the explosive plant will send us even further than normal.

The changes to the jungle for the LoL preseason

Riot Games Preseason LoL Jungle Changes

New changes to the jungle they will arrive in the next LoL preseason. RiotGames does not seem satisfied with the role at lower levels of play and will seek to give a new dynamic to the junglers. We recently got information from the possible arrival of a pet companion during the cleaning of the jungle, to which these things would be added:

  • New system to avoid resetting camps
  • New system to donate the red or blue buffo
  • Cooler new dynamic for jungle pathings

With these three changes, RiotGames will seek to give the jungle a new movement, especially in the lower levels of the game. The system of donating the red or blue improvement to our ally is striking more than anything, something that will give us a small wow to us as a jungle for helping our partner.

Riot Brings Changes to Alert and Vision System in LoL Preseason

Riot Games Preseason LoL Changes to Vision and Alerts

Finally, RiotGames close changes to the gameplay with the arrival of a new alert wheel to be able to inform in our games. In turn, they will come vision enhancements to make it cleaner, more intuitive and more valuable. All of this will come with 2023 to LoL in the next preseason and it will be an attempt by Riot to improve the gameplay, so the preseason can be very busy as Riot has to touch multiple times.

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