Quarrel between Cuban players Randy Arozarena and Yandy Díaz shakes Tampa

Cuban baseball players Yandy Diaz Y Randy Arozarena They had a fight this Monday in the parking lot of the stadium of the Tampa Bay Raystheir major league team, which is why they didn’t line up in the following day’s game against the Houston Astros.

“Multiple sources confirm to me that there was a physical altercation between Rays players. Randy Arozarena Y Yandy Diaz after Monday night’s game in the parking lot. The two had to be separated after a disagreement and neither played Tuesday against Houston, “journalist Zac Blobner, linked to the Floridian cast, wrote on his Twitter account.

At this point, the reasons for the disagreement are unknown, although reliable sources point out that until then the relations between the two had been cordial. There is no recollection of an altercation between two Cuban players from the same major league squad, although there have been between Cubans from rival teams.

The most recent of the brawls between Cubans dated back to last April at Busch Stadium, when an exchange between the pitcher from Pino Yoan Lopez (New York Mets) and Nolan Arenado (St. Louis Cardinals) due to a hit ball emptied the benches of both teams in a riot of insults, blows and struggles on the field.

In statements this Wednesday, Arozarena said that there were “a couple of little things that Diaz and I had to talk about,” and assured that the problem had already been overcome: “We solved it and everything is fixed.” For his part, Diaz did not comment before this day’s game, according to a note published on the MLB website.

Both Arozarena and Díaz are vital pieces in the gear of the ninth of Tampa, which is still struggling to take the lead in the American League East from the Yankeesand he’s all but assured of a wild-card spot in the postseason.

At the time of writing this information, Arozarena had 79 RBIs and 30 stolen bases, while Díaz was one of the most outstanding players of the season in bases on balls (77) and OBP (.399).

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