Quartararo dreams of F1

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Gasoline through the veins and passion for the engine. In any of its modalities. All pilots live with a thirst for constant adrenaline and, without being surprising, it is even natural to see them train on two or four wheels. The point is to get up to speed, do physical exercise and get to the big prizes as well as possible. Be of the category that you are. And now, Fabio Quartararo wants to emulate something that has already been seen on several occasions in MotoGP. In fact, the last one was Valentino Rossi, last 2019 at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit in Cheste. There, the Italian was at the controls of Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes, while the F1 champion ‘stole’ his Yamaha M1 to accompany him on the track on two wheels. A private test organized by Monster, sponsor of both riders and which, now, ‘The Devil’ wants to repeat.

For this reason, it is already putting pressure on its sponsors. The current MotoGP world champion wants to continue fulfilling dreams and, a year after being crowned in the highest category of motorcycling, he wants to go one step further. This time on four wheels, getting behind the wheel of a Formula 1 with which he has been dreaming for years. In fact, the Yamaha rider has a good relationship with several riders from the paddock of big circus and he doesn’t miss the races whenever his busy schedule gives him the chance. He even owns an enviable collection of helmets, exchanging them with Fernando Alonso or Daniel Ricciardo, among others.

“I am trying to get some of them to organize a test. It’s almost a dream to test a Formula 1 “, confesses the champion in the program Quotidien, from French television. For now, he is one step closer to achieving it, because Quartararo has already passed through the paddock of F1 as a guest at the French Grand Prix. In fact, he was even seen getting into Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes, with whom he has a good relationship.

Knowing the experiences of drivers such as Jorge Lorenzo, Max Biaggi, Valentino Rossi (twice, with Ferrari and Mercedes) and Marc Márquez with Formula 1, Fabio Quartararo knows that, just like on two wheels, physicality is still key to go on track: “You have to be in good physical condition. The race is longer in F1, but on the bike we move around a lot. Our level of concentration is very high and, like them, we have to be hyper-precise. As a driver, we have many things in common. Little by little, our two disciplines are getting closer. Its speed in a straight line and even in curves is very impressive. But also for us.”

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