RAM will show a preview of its electric pick-up at the Los Angeles Motor Show

Beyond the first units just beginning to be delivered, electric trucks are all the rage in the United States, accumulating thousands and thousands of orders. We saw it yesterday with the case of the GMC Hummer EV, that already adds 90 thousand reservations. Well, this valued segment will enter to compete in 2024 RAM with the Revolution, which we told you about at the beginning of the year.

To this today the firm of the ram adds that the RAM Revolution EV Truck Concept, the prototype of what will be the 1500 electric, will be presented in the run-up to the Los Angeles Auto Show, which will take place between the 18th and the November 27.

Until now, what is known about the future RAM 1500 BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle), in addition to knowing an official teaser, is that it will be based on the new STLA Frame platform, designed for trucks and large SUVs. It will measure between 5,600 and 6,200 mm long and will incorporate battery packs of between 159 and 200 kWh, which will provide up to 800 kilometers of autonomy.

It will also have electric motors with powers between 198 Hp and 437 Hp separately. It is almost a fact that it will have all-wheel drive and by having an engine per shaft, its power could reach up to 873 Hp.

Although most of its features and specifications remain a mystery, Mike Koval Jr, CEO of RAM, mentioned in an interview that the new electric pickup will “outperform” its rivals. Furthermore, he suggested that the production vehicle will be a pickup suitable for continued towing and hauling.

“More and more truck buyers are open-minded to the idea of ​​electrification in their trucks, but they’re not willing to sacrifice our most important attributes that make a truck a truck, like towing, hauling and, in the future, range and charging time.”

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