Rania from Jordan and her daughter Iman coordinate their style

It’s official, the fall season is fully open, and that means that the cold is just around the corner. We know that there are still weeks to go before the low temperatures fully arrive, but we are at the perfect time to start taking those warmer clothes out of the back of the closet and changing our dressing room little by little. Rania from Jordanfor example, was the first to do so during her trip to New York to attend dinner Caring for Women organized by The Kering Foundation’s. An act whose main objective is focused on ending violence against women to which he has come by the hand of Princess Iman of Jordan.

Mother and daughter appeared together in the place with two impeccable matching outfits with which they demonstrated their radiant styles and the characteristic elegance with which they are defined. Both with long dresses with long sleeves and a turtleneck with which they predicted the model of warm dresses that we will take as soon as the temperatures allow it.

There are far fewer occasions than they would like that Rania and Iman from Jordan appear together, but their common struggle to end discrimination against women It is a perfect reason to go out together again in front of the cameras.

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“Unfortunately, crises are not gender neutral”Queen Rania of Jordan began her speech. “Today we live in a world where seismic disturbances have become the norm… And women and girls are always the first to feel the ground change under their feet”he concluded.

Some very applauded statements with which he came out again as the protagonist and with which he managed to leave in the background -or at least at that precise moment- his already unquestionable elegance.

Regarded as one of the royal women with the most sophisticated style, the royal once again demonstrated the reason for that privileged stylistic position with a flattering high neck maxi dress in orange that, thanks to its fitted body to the waist and voluminous skirt, enhanced her figure. A successful style that she elevated with a contrasting burgundy minibag and gold necklace.

For her part, Iman followed in her mother’s footsteps and opted for the same model of dress in black, although with a more youthful design due to its completely fitted silhouette with an opening. Where appropriate, with matching accessories and footwear.

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