Rates of Violence Decrease in El Salvador

This is reported by local media that attribute these results to the security strategy implemented by the current government, which was underpinned by the state of emergency decreed in March of this year and which has already sent nearly 53,000 gang members or members to jail. of the maras

The newspaper El Salvador, close to the government, described the situation as a historic achievement, since certainly the most diverse spokespersons doubted that the confrontation with the criminal gangs would be successful, as the statistics now show.

The last day in which there were no homicides was Tuesday, September 20, which showed that this month there are 13 days without deaths due to violence.

So far this year, there have been 108 days of zero homicides, of which 101 were under the exception regime.

The positive figures for the first weeks of September are consistent with what has been recorded for several months, but emphasized after July and August became the safest months in the country’s history, with data for 21 days with zero homicides each.

Although there are good results, the government perfects the measures to keep the situation under control.

This Tuesday, the Minister of Justice and Security, Gustavo Villatoro, explained actions that are part of a package of reforms to the Law against Organized Crime presented to the Legislative Assembly.

The purpose of the initiative is to more efficiently prosecute members of terrorist structures and prevent them from committing crimes on the streets again.

Despite the extreme rigor of the actions against everything that smacks of gangs, the authorities are working to give special treatment to juvenile delinquents and gang members who intend to negotiate a criterion of opportunity to reduce their sentences.

We have analyzed the laws of first world countries with which they fight terrorism in their regions and we saw that they also understood that the enemy of society is the structure, the minister pointed out.



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