Rauw Alejandro anticipates how “Punto 40 Año 2077” sounds, his next single with Baby Rasta

Raww Alexander He has been warning his fans for several days that he has new music on the way and after the great expectation that he has created with the trailers of what is to come, the Puerto Rican artist has just revealed the title of his next single, the name of the singer that will accompany it and how the track sounds.

The next song by the interpreter of “Todo de ti” is titled “Punto 40 Año 2077” and will be released this week. But that’s not the best thing, because it will also have a video clip, although we will have to wait until Saturday to see it available on its YouTube channel.

The urban pioneer who participates with him in “Punto 40 Año 2077”, a song that sounds like old school reggaeton, will be Baby Rasta.

But despite the enthusiasm that Rauw has to present this song to all his followers, he himself said that he tried to delay the premiere due to the situation that Puerto Rico is going through after the passage of Hurricane Fiona. However, despite his intentions, it was impossible for him to remove it on time from some platforms and therefore it will be released this week.

“Although my head and my heart are in Puerto Rico, I continue forward with the release of this single. Not having the spirit and joy one hundred percent these days, I have thought that in difficult times, music has always helped me cope, and it was one of the reasons why I wanted to make music,” explains Rosalía’s boyfriend, who is always inspired by his culture and his people.

“I hope I can always cheer you up on your worst and on your best days. Thanks to all my fans for waiting. Especially, Puerto Rico, thanks for so much,” commented the reggaeton player along with a fragment of the song that is about to be released. .

This song will be part of the third studio album by El Zorro (as Rauw also calls himself), an album that his fans are waiting for and that many suspect comes with another collaboration with Shakira after the success of “I congratulate you”. Will it be so?

For now, we will have to wait for “Punto 40 Year 2077” and enjoy it as it deserves.

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