Real Madrid launches for the ‘new Casemiro’

Real Madrid is still thinking about its closest future and has already set its sights on a new Brazilian star. Flamengo midfielder Joao Gomes is on the agenda of several top European clubs. Not only those from Chamartín have noticed the 21-year-old because Both Liverpool and Manchester United want to get their services.

According to Martin Liberman, ESPN, Madrid has a certain advantage over the rest of the European teams and would be close to closing the signing of Joao Gomes although it is unknown if it will be in the next winter market or next summer. “I have information that he is very close to Real Madrid. The White House would pay 30 million euros for him”, the Argentine journalist posted on his Twitter account.

Flamengo have known for months that they have a young star and, therefore, decided to renew the player last week. Initially, Joao Gomes’ contract ended in 2025 and with a market price of 10 million euros. Now, after the renovation, His union with the Brazilian club will be until 2027 and with an appraisal valued at 30 million euros.

The The strategy that Real Madrid wants to follow would be similar to the one it carried out with Vinicius and Rodrigo a few years ago. That is, signing young players with the potential to become world superstars. In addition, the relationship with the FLA continues to be good after the signing of Vinicius in the summer of 2018.

Joao Gomes could be Real Madrid’s ‘new Casemiro’ in the coming months. At the moment, the young man is preparing to play the final of the Copa Libertadores with his team, Flamengo, against Athletico Paranaense, next October 29. His way of playing is not reminiscent of the typical defensive midfielder because he has good ball handling and is often fouled during games. He will also play a few days before, on October 12, the final of the Brazilian Cup against Corinthians.

Vice President of Flamenco

“It was said that there was a malaise, a relationship problem. Speaking personally and as vice president of the football department, the relationship with João Gomes was always the best possible. He is a committed player and we have always had a good relationship”, began Marcos Braz, vice president of Flamengo, in the draw for the final of the Brazilian Cup.

“Flamengo understood that they had to take a position on this and we came to an agreement. We made a salary readjustment, with the aim of protecting Flamengo. I understand the situation of the fans, I understand the criticism, but they (the fans), sometimes, do not have the complete information to make an appropriate decision. So what did we want? The certainty of a five-year contract, protecting Flamengo to the maximum, and then yes, also building a good salary increase for the player. That’s what happened. We are very happy with João Gomes and he is also very happy. The most important: has his head set on Brazil”, added the vice president of the FLA.

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