Red Hood pokes his hood in new Gotham Knights trailer

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The trailer for Red Hood from Gotham Knights leaves us with wafers, bestiality, and some pretty bloody parkour.

It has cost, but we have finally finished seeing the four supposed protagonists of the new game set in Arkham. If we recently took a look at batgirland previously Nightwing and Robin, now it is the turn of the most “beast” of all with the Red Hood trailer from Gotham Knights.

The returnee this time will be an ally of the team when it comes to protecting the city. For this he will do everything in his power, even if that crosses moral lines or established by law. And it is that, as they advance in the description of the video, if he has already been to and from hell, what else can happen to him?

In the game, in addition to beating the hell out of it, we will have at our disposal their beautiful pistols. But not only that. In this version, Red Hood will have the powers granted by the Lazarus pit which brought him back to life… albeit a little changed.

Among these abilities is the ability to direct shots or jump through the air by relying on platforms that he himself creates. So we’re going to have some nice bloody parkour in Gotham.

It seems that after the death of Bruce Wayne, the hooded man takes on a new purpose and more or less “focuses”. We will have to see how far the rest of the bat family are willing to go and what lines do not let them pass.

Arkham Knight will launch for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC on October 25. In it we will control Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing and Red Hood to protect the city from a phantom threat that arises after the death of Bruce Wayne and, therefore, of Batman.

Will a Batman game survive without Gotham’s bat? Make the bets on him, guilty.

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