Registered until today seven candidacies for presidential in Brazil

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The Superior Electoral Court of Brazil received up to today seven of twelve possible applications for the registration of candidates for the position of President of the Republic in the October general elections.

Elective sources confirmed that the new party presented the nomination of Felipe D’Avila, whose rapporteur is Minister Sérgio Banhos.

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the coalition Brazil of Hope formalized that of former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, whose rapporteur is Judge Carlos Horbach.

The match People’s Unity forwarded the appointment of Leo Pericles, reported by Minister Mauro Campbell Marques.

Also, the alliance Brazil for All delivered the inscription of Simone Tebet, distributed to the magistrate Ricardo Lewandowski.

The United Socialist Workers Party authorized the seat of Vera Lúcia Salgado, whose rapporteur is also Lewandowski.

Previously, on August 1, the TSE received the first two requests for records of presidential candidates for the next election.

The Social Order Republican Party certified the name of Pablo Marçal, reported by Minister Alexandre de Moraes.

While the PBrazilian Communist Party appointed Sofia Manzano, who also has Lewandowski as rapporteur.

As established in the 2022 Election Calendar, after defining the names that will contest a position, the parties, federations and coalitions will have until August 15 to request the registration of the candidacies.

In the case of party federations, the convention must take place in a unified manner, with the participation of all the member parties.

More than 156 million voters are eligible to vote on October 2, when Brazilians will begin to elect the next head of state, as well as future federal, state and district governors, senators and deputies.

The possibility of coalitions between parties only applies to the dispute over the so-called majority positions.

That is, those in which the candidate with the most votes remains vacant, in the case of suffrage for president, governor, mayor and senator. It does not apply to proportional elections (deputies).

Electoral propaganda will only be allowed from August 16.

To date, Lula, the standard-bearer of the Workers’ Party, leads all the opinion polls leading up to the vote, in which the ultra-right-leaning president Jair Bolsonaro will try to be re-elected. (Latin Press)

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