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    When does season 2 of the series premiere Andor on DisneyPlus? All 12 episodes of season 2 of Andor will not see the light of day at Disney before 2024. The filming of the new season begins in November 2022 and the showrunner of the series, Tony Gilroy, also a co-writer of rogue one (responsible for resurrecting the original script and introducing the character of Cassian Andor more solidly), marks a two-year deadline until we can see the new episodes, which puts us, at the earliest, in September 2024 for the premiere from the second season of Andor. The story I wanted to tell is divided (or compressed, depending on how you want to see it) into twenty-four episodes. At first it had been planned that the series would have five seasons, but in the end, when Gilroy joined the project (no, he was not initially linked to him; the person in charge of initially developing the series was Stephen Schiff, responsible for the series The Americans) was reduced to two. So season 2 of the series will be the last. The last scene of season 2 is Cassian’s introduction scene in rogue one, when he eliminates the informant in cold blood. Think of Andor as a limited series that, due to its size and production needs, is divided into two seasons. Think, for example, that the seasons of The Mandalorian they only have eight episodes and that the series of Obi-Wan Kenobi Y boba fett they had six and seven chapters, respectively.

    The showrunner of the series has confirmed that the character of Luthen Rael, who plays Stellan Skarsgard, returns in the season of ‘Andor’.

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    Gilroy was presented with a script that, in his own words, was reminiscent of two men and one destiny in space: Cassian Andor and the reprogrammed imperial robot that we can’t wait to see again K-2SO roamed the galaxy from mission to mission like The Mandalorian. He also did not see a clear picture of a five-season scenario that would put the character of Diego Luna in ten years with the age of 50, far from the twenty-something that he appears in rogue one (The actor is now 42 years old). While the original idea that spanned five seasons wanted to tell the adventures of a spy, Gilroy’s new two-season limited series wants to tell how Cassian Andor becomes a rebel, when he started and how it is possible that he murders in cold blood and is willing to give his life for the cause. They are different approaches, which in Gilroy’s view are also complementary. If you have already seen the first three episodes, you are realizing that, in addition, to tell how the rebellion is organized, you also have to see the administrative, military, and political complex of the Empire. These two seasons are infinitely more ambitious.

    Cassian Andor season 2: Plot

    We know what the destination point is for Season 2, and we also know that there will be significant time jumps in Season 2. Gilroy has already pointed out that season 2 picks up a year after the end of season 1, episode 12, which premieres on November 23. Throughout Season 2 there will be different time jumps. It will start in 4 BBY, but it will jump from one year to another, advancing. The first three episodes will cover three days and then it will skip a year, again. The last three episodes of season 2 will be the five days leading up to the introduction of Cassian’s character in the film. rogue one.

    Like season 1, season 2 will be divided into four story arcs of three episodes each (it’s no coincidence that Disney Plus premiered the first three episodes of the series on the same day).

    Cassian Andor season 2: Characters

    Gilroy has confirmed that they are returning, aside from Cassian Andor, obviously, the officially returning characters are Luthen Rael (Stellan Skarsgard) and Mon Mothma (Genevieve O’Reilly). There is also speculation with the introduction of K-2SO (Alan Tudyk). As in season 1, the idea is that there are new characters that inhabit new planets and that do not give a sense of expansion, that we are getting to know more and more spaces in the Star Wars universe and different players beyond those who have appeared in the original trilogy and the consequent sequels and prequels and spin-offs (read: Obi Wan Y boba fett).

    “I wanted to do a series about real people,” Gilroy said during the promotion of season 1. “A whole franchise has been developed about the royal family so far [de Star Wars], in essence. And she has been great. But there are a billion, billion, billion other beings in the galaxy. There are plumbers and beauticians. Journalists! How are their lives? The revolution is affecting them as much as the others. Why not use the ‘Star Wars’ canon as the host body for absolutely realistic, passionate and dramatic storytelling?

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