Revolution in the Super Cup –

The new ECA plan (Club Association) goes through conquering the United States. The interest of the big promoters in bringing the highest level European football to their territory You can find a succulent first prize with the dispute of the new Super Cup with four teams on American soil from 2024. The MLS would promote this project, which would have to win the support of UEFA.

The idea came up a long time ago by Al Khelaïfi, president of the ECA, in addition to PSG. After months of deliberation, and at the doors of the Assembly of the organization of clubs this Thursday and Friday in Istanbul, the newspaper The Guardian gave details of which would be the participants of the revamped Super Cup. It would be the champion of the Champions League, the Europa League, the Conference and the MLS.

Americans want more, they have even put on the table a possible venue for the Champions League finalbut Ceferin is reluctant to bring the most important game on the European calendar there. The ECA, for its part, is pressing for some Champions League matches, even if it is not the final, to be played in the USamong other things because the distribution of the television and business cake would be more succulent. “The Champions League will not be played outside of Europe”, settled Ceferin.

The most logical starting point to enter such a powerful market would be this newly created tournament, which some already call Opening Tournament, and that it would begin to be played in 2024 as a starting signal for the new Champions, expanded in terms of teams and matches. “Holding an inaugural event for the Champions League is a good idea, but we have to see how and in what way,” Ceferin told this newspaper on his day. A Super Cup of four teams and in the USA it fits. Will have to see if it crystallizes.

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