Ricky Martin asks for donations for victims of Hurricane Fiona

Ricky Martin solicited donations to mitigate the damage to communities affected by Fiona’s passage through the island. Photo: Capture

Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin This Friday, September 23, he urged his followers on social networks to provide help for the towns that suffer the ravages left by the Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico.

The teams in your organization, Ricky Martin Foundationtogether with entities such as SER de Puerto Rico and Waves Ahead, in collaboration with World Central Kitchen and others, will provide essential materials to those affected.

“My people, here we are. Once again we are in the middle of a tragedy. This week, Hurricane Fiona devastated our Puerto Rico. Families and communities that are still traumatized by Maria, the earthquakes and the pandemic, were destroyed, once again,” she said in a video posted on her social media.

The artist thus requested donations to mitigate the damage of the affected communities after the passage of Fiona through the island.

In this context, he explained: “roads and homes are completely flooded. Hundreds of thousands of people remain without electricity, no water, and, unfortunately, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. We need your help”.

The singer highlighted the spirit of the Puerto Ricans and asked for union in the face of adversity.

“Gentlemen, our spirit is not broken by anyone or anything. We stand up, and when we stand up, we do it with more strength and with more courage, so please, let’s be united,” he said.

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