Rihanna dares with the most avant-garde loose high boots

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    She became a mother just a few months ago and now Rihanna She is enjoying a media retreat to live her motherhood to the fullest with her baby (whose sex and name are still unknown) and her partner, the rapper A$AP Rocky. However, the cameras still capture some of her outings and this time the singer has been seen in New York doing some shopping with a look that leaves no room for doubt: Rihanna dares with everything.

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    The singer has chosen to combine a mini skirt black cowgirl of the firm R13 with a basic T-shirt with a print of the 2003 album, Birth of a Prince, from the rapper RZA. But what has undoubtedly left everyone speechless has been his choice in terms of footwear. Rihanna has climbed on the thigh high boots that the firm Y/Project took to the catwalk in its spring-summer 2023 collection.

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    A style that makes it clear that Rihanna is the queen of Y2K aesthetics when wearing this look from street style garments that not all would dare to combine. In fact, Rihanna has been one of the first, if not the first, to bring this shoe to the streets, which has already become one of the riskiest bets for the new 2023 season.

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    How to combine high boots in summer

    Legend has it that high boots in summer are hot. You can, but not if you know how to coordinate them. In this case, and as all the celebrities who use them to go to the festival always do, the key is in the minishorts and miniskirtss. Obviously if we wore them over pants, the heat would be unbearable. In addition, something to keep in mind is that the boots must be made of leather but of good quality. Another trick is not to wear them with socks, as you might do in winter, and opt for stocking socks that do allow greater perspiration of your feet.

    Secondly, comfort prevails during the summer and therefore Rihanna chooses them for a quiet day. It would not be a good idea to walk around the city with them on, since the sole of the boot could get too hot in contact with the asphalt.

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