Roche and Sanofi are crowned as the safest investments of the European ‘pharma’

Roche climbs positions to become the pharmacy more attractive to invest. The Swiss pharmaceutical company has obtained the highest score among the European industry after posting a solid ebitat forecast and low riskaccording to the latest analysis by financial services firm Credit Suisse.

Roche has improved its rating even overweight, which represents a higher yield compared to the market average. The also Swiss Novartis has not followed in its footsteps, which has fallen to the underweight category, as Credit Suisse estimates that it will be below market activity.

Novartis is the one with the worst forecasts among the pharmacies European. “It has the worst sales and revenue growth for 2005because it enters a period in which various patents will expire, ”says the Swiss bank.

For its part, Astrazenca, lower your expectations from exceptional to neutral. Credit Suisse points out that one of the protagonists of the vaccines will be one of the most affected by the health reform in the United States.

Credit Suisse has also analyzed the Spanish pharmaceutical company Almirall. In the specialized industry category, the Gallardo company is positioned as the most attractive along with Lundbeck and UCB.

Beyond the evolution of the pharmaceutical sector, Credit Suisse warns of the possible impact of the macroeconomy on the sector. “After the financial crisis of 2008, we saw a period of lower growthas governments, which finance most of the health spending in the European Union (EU), tried to save money, ”recalls the report.

Now, the entity warns that governments will try to apply more reforms, given the limitations of public finances. “Some companies have already told us that various countries are trying to agree on the prices of new medicines”, maintains Credit Suisse. However, following the experience of the pandemic, the company also expects local pharmaceutical investment to continue.

The ‘drivers’ of the pharmaceutical industry

To drive industry growth between now and 2027, Credit Suisse recommends pharmaceutical companies continue betting on oncology. Keytruda, a monoclonal antibody used as an anticancer agent, will become the world’s most widely used drug by 2023, according to Credit Suisse.

The kingdom of products against Covid-19 will wane in the coming years. While in 2022 they represent 43% of the sales of the ten best-selling medicines on the market, The financial company expects them to disappear from the ranking by 2025although they did not completely disappear from the industry.

Beyond the impact of the pandemic, the drug Humira, for treat rheumatoid arthritis, is the best seller, without taking into account those intended to treat Covid-19. From here 2027, Credit Suisse points out that the drugs Rinvoq and Skyrizi, both recommended for arthritis, will sneak into the ranking of the best sellers.

Another of the opportunities that the industry will pose in the coming years is the obesity treatment. Based on diabetes growth forecasts, Ozempic may become the second or third best-selling drug on the market. Another drug that can sneak into the top three in the next five years is Dipixent, used for the effects of moderate atopic dermatitis or serious.

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