Rogelio Funes Mori must be the striker “sacrificed” for Qatar 2022

Gerardo Martino announced that he will only take three center forwards to the World Cup and ESPN analysts agree that Rogelio Funes Mori should not go, although they are certain that it will be the opposite

The striker who must be ‘sacrificed’, according to analysts from ESPNit is Rogelio Funes MoriArgentine by birth and Mexican by naturalization who came from more to less in the Apertura 2022 in the Liga MX, unlike his teammates who are also looking for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, whether they also play in the Liga MX or in Europe .

Roberto Gómez Junco, Francisco Gabriel de Anda, José Luis Sánchez Solá, ‘Chelís’ and Mauricio Pedroza gave their reasons and mentioned the attackers who should be with the Mexican team in the World Cup, after the national coach Gerardo Martino’ iformed that he will only have three nominal forwards; they even mention Javier ChicharitoHernandez as a fair possibility, although they know that ‘Tata’ has it deleted.

Roberto Gomez Junco

For the taste of Roberto Gómez Junco, the ones that currently play the best and that he also considers the best are: Henry MartinChicharitoHernandez Y Santiago Gimenez“but since Javier Hernández has not been able to handle it and apparently they have ruled it out, in which case Raul Jimenezif he fully recovered, if he were in good physical condition, he would occupy that third place and would even aspire to be a starter”.

He added that “only, already discarded Javier Hernandezincredibly, discarded, and if Raul Jimenez was not in good condition, only in this way would that other space be opened that surely, to Gerardo Martino’s liking, would occupy Rogelio Funes Mori”.

Jose Luis Sanchez Solá ‘Chelis’

“I don’t like to get into discussions about which players do and which players don’t, because for me the problem of the National Team doesn’t come from the players”, ‘Chelís’ begins his comments.

“What difference does it make if it goes ‘little boy‘, Funes Mori Y Raul Jimenezeither Raullittle boy‘ Y Henry Martin, it does not change. The problem of the National Team is one of mandate, of union, that they do not get along with each other, it is a thousand problems that do not go through the court; they do see themselves reflected on the court, but they are not born on the court,” he added.

Coming into the matter, he states that Raul Jimenez, if it’s okay, “and I think it’s going to be okay”, it should be included in the list of 26; ‘have to go too’little boy‘ Y Henry. who has to stay Funes Mori”.

He immediately remembered that the Mexican team plays with a single center forward and not with two, and spoke of those who have to complete the attack, according to the formation that ‘Tata’ Martino likes: “On the outside, ‘Chuky’ Lozano, Vega, the same Alvarado, same Lainez. Obviously, Zendejas would have to go, who is not going to take him, and stop telling him”.

Mauricio Pedroza

“My three strikers for Qatar are: Henry Martin, Santiago Gimenez Y Raul Jimenez. Regardless of the fact that Raúl is at 50-70 percent, he is clearly the first striker, with the best experience in World Cups, beyond the fact that he only played 10 and 40 minutes in 2014 and 2018, respectively, but with the hope that this 50 and 70 percent in which it can arrive, is greater than 90 or 100 percent of Santiago Gimenez Y Henry Martin“, he claimed.

Mauricio Pedroza considers Henry Martin the best Mexican center forward of the moment, since “his strongest argument in his favor is that he is consistently scoring goals with the best team in the Mexican league.”

He points out that James Gimenez He has had a very rapid evolution and went from being a supporting player in Cruz Azul to being the top scorer in Cruz Azul, to playing in Europe and scoring goals in Europe. It’s impossible not to take it under that argument.”

“I leave out Rogelio Funes Moribecause he has been absolutely inconsistent, not just in Monterrey, but when he had the opportunity to play with Mexican team in the big tournaments of the summer of 2021. He disappointed, and he did the same during the qualifiers. And it is, together with Raul Jimenezthe one who has played the least of the four in this tournament, due to the injuries that afflict him with Rayados”.

Francisco Gabriel deAnda

For Francisco Gabriel de Anda the panorama is clear: “They have to go Santiago Gimenez, Henry Martin Y Raul Jimenezbut the ‘Tata’ will carry Henry Martina Funes Mori Already Raul Jimenez”.


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