Roger Waters: “The West does not want the conflict in Ukraine to end”

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Ukrainians could stop dying tomorrow if the US sat down with Russia and made peace, but the West has other interests at stake, Pink Floyd co-founder and British rock legend Roger Waters said in an interview this week. Friday with RT.

“[El conflicto] it can be stopped, in my opinion, tomorrow,” Waters said. “All that is needed is for the Americans to come to the table and say, ‘OK, let’s get on with the Minsk agreements.’ And then it would all be over.”

The musician pointed out that the current president of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, campaigned with the promise of maintaining the Minsk agreements and ending the civil war, which began after the 2014 coup in kyiv, and that 73% of the Ukrainians voted for him based on that, “so as not to have to make a war.” However, “the minute he was cast, somebody put a gun to his head, I guess, and he changed his mind and didn’t do any of that,” Waters said.

Asked if the West wants the conflict to end, Waters replied: “No, they have no interest in ending it. They will fight to the last Ukrainian. Or if they want it to end, why don’t they? Because it’s in their hands, they always do.” has been. It’s in the hands of NATO, it’s in the hands of Joe Biden, except it’s not like that, he’s the one pulling the strings. And they don’t want it to end. There are huge fortunes to be made,” he added, referring to the thousands of millions of dollars in weapons that Washington and its allies are sending to kyiv.

On the recent visit of the president of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, to Taipei, Waters told RT that Ukraine and Taiwan are the two hot spots that could trigger World War III. “If the Chinese people want to live under a communist regime, or the Russians, or anyone else in the world, let them do so, why shouldn’t they be allowed self-determination?” the artist commented, recalling the principle of ” one China”, accepted for decades by Washington.

After explaining the history and background of China and Taiwan, Waters wondered why the West is so intent on imposing its values ​​on others. “Why do you have to decide, you, this colonial settlement in North America, why do you have to decide how everybody else in the world behaves?” she said.

Waters, 78, co-founded Pink Floyd in 1965. He was the progressive rock group’s frontman, lyricist and vocalist for years, until he left in 1983 to pursue a solo career. He has also been a defender of Julian Assange, the persecuted publisher of WikiLeaks; he has condemned Israeli abuses against Palestinians and censorship of the Russian media, among other things.

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