Rolling out to the rhythm of conga from Santiago

the pimp has been sweeping this week to the rhythm of conga from Santiago with its most recent premiere: “Con Brujería No”.

When announcing the song and the video clip on his Instagram profile, El Chulo confessed to his followers that he was “crazy to run over” and wondered if his fans were too.

“Go running to my YouTube channel because the theme that everyone was waiting for ‘Con Brujeria No’ has already come out, conga from Santiago,” wrote El Presidente del Reparto along with a preview of the video clip in another publication on the social network.

The audiovisual, directed by the director Davinson Núñez, is based on animation and there is no doubt that it managed to represent the singer very accurately.

Núñez was in charge of two video clips, “The 40-pound papaya” and “Pinguita de Jardín”by another Cuban artist, La Diosa, also with this animation resource.

El Chulo assured on his YouTube channel, where the song already exceeds 30,000 views, that this conga honors Santiago de Cuba, “where it all began.”

“You want Orula to solve for you what you don’t give her in bed / Doing witchcraft so that she comes back, but she’s not here for na’ / Crazy, but crazy, oh you’re not going to hook her with mango or coconut / Crazy, but crazy, you don’t kill her anymore, someone else kills her / Not with witchcraft”, says the lyrics of the song.

Reggaeton fans shared some of their impressions on the subject and everything seems to indicate that they liked it.

El Chulo is at an excellent moment in his career and has just celebrated the million views of the song “No Digas Nada” that premiered in May with Yoani Star.

Last week El Presidente del Reparto was also launching solo with the song “It burns to you”and at the end of August it landed on digital platforms with “My States”.

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